Return Policy

Return and exchange of goods

If you have any questions regarding a return or warranty repair, please contact the service manager at +37067852610 and we will try to help.

Poor quality goods

All the goods we sell are covered by a quality guarantee. If you receive a defective product, you can notify us by e-mail, or by phone +37067852610

We recommend that you consult us by telephone before sending the product about a possible product failure. Upon receipt of the product with mechanical damage, please notify us within 7 days! Depending on the nature of the defect, low-quality goods can be: repaired, replaced with new ones, replaced with similar ones, the price of the goods is reduced accordingly or the money paid is refunded.

When returning a quality product, only the amount of money paid for the product is refunded to the buyer. Shipping costs are not refundable to the buyer. Certain goods are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the terms and conditions of which are specified in the descriptions of such goods and detailed in the warranty card.

Contact us by E-mail for warranty service. When delivering the goods for warranty service, the product documents and the original packaging must be submitted together. Without a warranty document, you can only apply after informing the manager of your problem and agreeing in advance that the item will be accepted for return.

The product should be delivered complete (for accurate determination of the nature of the fault) and clean (a minimum cleaning fee of € 10 may be charged for cleaning dirty goods before servicing or the product may not be accepted for warranty service (applicable to work tools and similar items)).

Important! Before bringing the product for warranty service, make an appointment by phone + 37067852610

Defects caused by the manufacturer’s fault during the provision of warranty service shall be eliminated within the following time limits: 14-21 days from the delivery of the product to the warranty service or within 45 days if the part necessary for warranty repair must be delivered from abroad. In all cases, the aim is to provide warranty service in the shortest possible time.

The quality guarantee provided by the seller does not limit or limit the rights of consumers, which are imposed on them by legal acts when purchasing a product or service of poor quality.

Return of quality offline purchased goods by the Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on the Approval of the Rules for the Return and Exchange of Items (No. 217 of 29 June 2001)

The goods are exchanged or returned at the place of purchase of the goods or at another place specified by the seller and convenient for the buyer. The buyer who has purchased a product of poor quality shall submit a written request to the seller stating the defects of the product and one of the requirements of paragraph 4 of these Rules selected by the buyer. The application shall be accompanied by a cash register receipt or purchase-sale receipt or other document confirming the purchase-sale of the goods from this seller (VAT invoice, invoice, payment card account statement, payment card reader’s check, etc.) (hereinafter – the document of purchase and sale of goods).

If the buyer does not submit the purchase-sale document of the goods, the goods shall be replaced or other requirements of the buyer specified in Paragraph 4 of these Rules (No. 217) shall be fulfilled only with the consent of the seller.

When purchasing non-food items in the store, you have fourteen days during which you can replace the purchased items with similar items of different dimensions, shape, color, model or completeness.

However, it should be noted that you can exercise the right to return the goods only if the item you purchased has not been used, is undamaged, has not lost its appearance, and the buyer has documents proving the purchase of the item from the seller.

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