NEW!VONIVI FIRE humidifier aroma diffuser


Unique new model VONIVI ultrasonic air humidifier and diffuser with LED Fire effect in one.
Create more coziness at home on cold and dark evenings.
With a tiny fireplace design, the humidifier illuminates the rising steam with LED light so that it appears to take the form of a hot flame.
Compact, original and unique.
Those who like coziness and aromas will like it very much.
A great gift idea for friends.

This is our best selling product for 2022, fast delivery in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, dispatch time 2-3 days for larger order please contact us via email

How to operate this humidifier and diffuser?

LIGHT button

Pressing once turns on the lighting. Press twice to highlight the lighting. Pressing three times turns off the lighting.

MIST button

Once pressed, humidification is activated. Press twice – humidification is turned off.

How does a humidifier and diffuser work?

A modern water evaporation system is integrated inside the humidifier and diffuser. When the device is in operation, the water is divided into small droplets and distributed along with the dissolved essential oils into the air of your room. The process takes place without heating the water, so all the healing properties of the essential oils are preserved. The air in the room is humidified properly and a healthy microclimate is created.

What are the benefits of a humidifier and diffuser?

Ensures proper humidity level in the room
Reduces allergy and cold symptoms
Relaxes, improves sleep and lifts mood
Used in aromatherapy with essential oils

Maintain a healthy level of humidity in the home

When the heating season starts, the humidity level in the rooms drops by about 20-25%. An air humidifier and diffuser will help you restore a healthy level of humidity in the room air – 50%. Insufficient humidity increases the risk of various allergic diseases, lung and skin diseases. Various allergy-causing microparticles floating in the rooms, improper air ionization can easily make life difficult for you and your children. Take care and quickly restore a healthy home microclimate.

Reduce allergy and cold symptoms

Our diffuser will disperse essential oils in your home using ultrasound. Oil particles will stick to the walls of airborne viruses and bacteria and destroy them. This method of improving the air is highly recommended when other family members are sick, in cars, in rooms where many people pass by. Show more attention to your children’s health when the fall viral disease season begins. Essential oils will make breathing easier and calm coughs.

Get back the deep sleep and good mood of your childhood

Switch on our VONIVI humidifier and diffuser. It will help you forget the worries of the day as it acts like a personal spa center at home. Turn off the bright lights and enjoy the meditative diffuser lights. Rediscover minutes of peace for yourself. Reclaim the deep sleep of childhood. Relaxation sessions will reduce the stress level in your daily life and maybe help you feel happier. Recover with VONIVI.

Enjoy aromatherapy for the whole family

Natural essential oils extracted from plants have healing properties that have been confirmed by scientific research. In ancient times, aromatherapy was considered part of royal medicine. The benefits of aromatherapy are discussed in ancient Indian and Chinese sources. The VONIVI diffuser ultrasonically emits essential oils together with water vapor. Since there is no heating involved in this process, the oils retain their natural healing properties.

Choose assuredly high quality

All VONIVI humidifiers and diffusers we sell are BPA tested. This test says that organic and health-friendly materials have been used for the production of the devices. It took us several years before we introduced the first diffuser models to the market. For us, each air humidifier is like a separate piece that we want to share with you. Choose a high-quality item and enjoy with a guarantee.



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