Aroma Diffuser – Humidifier Vonivi Harmony Of Colors, 600ml


Vonivi diffuser – for health, happiness, and beautiful life. The play of scents and pleasant colors creates a magical environment that allows the body and mind to get away from everyday worries, relax, feel inner peace, and enjoy the moment here and now.

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New ultrasonic technology VONIVI diffusers are extremely quiet – perfect for use in the bedroom, yoga class, or work. The humidifier switches off automatically when all the water from the water tank is used or after the set time from the timer runs out. Vonivi diffuser converts water into steam and breaks up essential oil into microparticles with the latest ultrasonic technology to provide more even distribution of essential oils in the environment.


The diffuser has a capacity of up to 600 ml, it has a humidification timer, the construction is light and durable, there are 7 adjustable soft lights available, which creates a mysterious atmosphere, relaxes, heal, and delights the body and soul.

Product Details
Certificates: CE, RoHS, BPE free
Model name: Vonivi Harmony Of Colors
Finish: Light wood
Purpose: Aromatherapy, air humidification, air purification
Type Ultrasonic Diffuser – Humidifier
Automatic shut-off after running out of water: Yes
Suitable for use at: Home, work, yoga studio, etc
Humidity control: Yes
Noise level: <35 dB
Power supply: 220-240V
Frequency: 2.4 MHz
Power: 14 W
U: 24 V DC
I: 0.65 A
Capacity: 600 ml
Humidification rate: 30 ml / h
Timer: Yes
Coverage area: up to 30m2
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 800 g
Dimensions: 118 x 118 x 118mm
Package contents: 1x diffuser, 1x water measuring cup, 1x electrical cord, 1x user guide


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